Title IX Turns 50: Can We Celebrate?

I woke up this morning expecting to see the many stories celebrating the accomplishments of female athletes as we mark the 50th anniversary of Title IX. I know we still have a long way to go when it comes to equity in sports, but Title IX was so groundbreaking and helped so many women that […]

No Red Flags on the Play: The Student Athlete Suicide Pandemic

Wake up early, go to training, get breakfast, go to class, get lunch, go to class, go to practice, do homework, get dinner, study, fall behind in class, go to the teacher who says you can always drop the class, go to the coach who says you will be benched because you are not doing well […]

A Sad Day: Reflecting on Student Mental Health

“Come on Meredith.  You can do better than that.”  “You’re so weak.” “You need to push harder to win.” “You have to work harder if you want to be the best.”  “Jane is doing it so why can’t you?” Where have I heard these words?  Was it from a coach in a game?  Perhaps a […]

Desperately Seeking Suzie: Gender Equity in Olympic Nordic Combined

With calls for gender equity in sports and every Olympic event being open to both men and women, why does Nordic combined remain the only sport exclusive to men? For some reason, the combined discipline of ski jumping and cross-country skiing remains behind the times when it comes to allowing women to compete at the […]

Sportsmanship Starts with a Handshake

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan.  So, when the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2019, you can imagine the cheering going on in my house.  During the celebration, however, I remember feeling slightly annoyed by Tom Brady’s bad sportsmanship.  He ran off the field without shaking Nick Foles hand.  Bad […]

Khalida and Kardashian: Kicking for the Win on This Giving Tuesday

On this giving Tuesday, I am so happy to share a story of hope and resilience for Afghan girls.  A surprising but welcome partnership between Afghan former women’s soccer captain Khalida Popal and social media influencer and business mogul Kim Kardashian, delivered Afghan girl soccer players the win of their lives by liberating them from […]

Can Afghan Girls Still Ascend in Sports and Leadership?

Today on Sports Up Podcast, I was planning to interview Marina LeGree, the founder and Executive Director of Ascend.  Ascend is a nonprofit dedicated to helping Afghan girls reach their potential through athletic-based leadership centered on mountain climbing.  This morning, Marina sent me a message to reschedule as Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had just fled […]

Bunheads and Burgers: Winning at Life

I am a classically trained ballerina, or a “bunhead” as we call ourselves.  Since the age of two, I learned to plié, relevé, chassé, and pas de chat my way across the stage.  But you wouldn’t necessarily know this from looking at me.  You see, I do not look like a pin thin dancer who […]

All Eyes on Tokyo: But is Anyone Watching?

One thing I know to be true about living through and now, hopefully, coming out of a pandemic – we’re all looking for any new social activity.  I remember the first football game broadcast during the pandemic.  My mom, who is not even an avid fan (though she puts on an awesome Super Bowl party), […]

There’s No Crying in Baseball: Can Women Athletes Show Their Feminine Side?

by Meredith Syms Hello my name is Meredith Syms and I’m a romcom-aholic.  Yes, this smart, strong, athletic, and fiercely independent girl has been known, on occasion, to flop on the couch and tune into softly lit cotton candy for my brain like 27 Dresses or The Wedding Planner.  How can I reconcile this with […]