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Fighting for Equality for Women in Athletics With Erika Beisler and Lauren Greenberg
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Lauren Greenberg and Erika Beisler
Lauren Greenberg is currently a Deputy General Counsel at White & Case LLP, a global law firm. She co-founded the women’s varsity softball team of Dartmouth College, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in sociology and anthropology. Lauren would eventually get her Juris Doctor degree from The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law.

Erika Beisler is the Associate Director of Market Intelligence at Harvard Business School. She was the co-captain of the softball team of Dartmouth College in 1993. Erika obtained her BA in History from Dartmouth College and an MBA with a focus on marketing and strategy at the Yale School of Management.

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In this episode…

50 years ago, the Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 was passed into law. Unfortunately, women student athletes still face inequality today. What can women in athletics do to continue the fight and make sure they are given equal support and opportunities?

Erika Beisler and Lauren Greenberg faced the same dilemma as freshmen women athletes in Dartmouth College more than 30 years ago. Throughout their college years, they actively voiced their concerns to the administration and eventually to the Department of Education. They knew something was wrong and did everything in their power to make sure these errors were corrected.

In this episode of the Sports Up Podcast, Meredith Syms sits down with Erika Beisler and Lauren Greenberg. The two talk about the discrimination and unfair treatment they received as college women athletes and how they fought to keep their college accountable. Erika and Lauren share the difficulties they faced, how they filed a formal complaint against their school, and why they never gave up fighting for equality for women in athletics.

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This episode is brought to you by me, Meredith Syms.

My biggest personal and professional passion is to be one of the top female leaders in sports broadcasting—a typically male-dominated industry.

Communications, interviewing, and broadcasting are some of my biggest skills and interests, and I want to develop this podcast as a way of sharing my passions with you, the listener.

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