Mental Health, Gender Equity, and Sports With Olga Harvey

Olga Harvey

In this episode of Sports Up, Meredith Syms hosts Olga Harvey of the Women’s Sports Foundation. They talk about philanthropy, gender equity, mental health, and women in the sports industry. Olga shares how she found herself getting into the sports world and eventually working in an organization that focuses on helping women thrive in sports through research, partnerships, advocacy, and community impact.

Social Media Engagement for Sports Teams With Julia Schorr of the New York Yankees

Julia Schorr

On this episode of Sports Up, Meredith Syms talks with Julia Schorr about the many opportunities present in the sports industry. She shares what a typical game day looks like for social media content creation, the key skills that made her attractive to employers, and how her mentors and supporters have helped push her forward. Tune in!

Diversifying the World of Sports

Nona Lee

In this episode of the Sports Up podcast, Meredith Syms sits down with Nona Lee, the Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer for the Arizona Diamondbacks, to talk about diversity and transformation in the sports industry. Nona discusses the importance of being a continuous learner, how she dealt with unconscious biases throughout her career, and her advocacy for more diverse leadership in the sports world.

Professional Fangirling

Tracy Sandler

On this episode of the Sports Up podcast, Meredith Syms is joined by Tracy Sandler, the Founder and CEO of Fangirl Sports Network, to share her advice for women pursuing a career in sports. Tracy talks about the mission of Fangirl Sports Network, why authenticity is at the core of everything FGSN does, and how to let your work and preparation speak for itself.

A Day in the Life of a Team USA Diver

Samantha Pickens

On this episode of the Sports Up podcast, Meredith Syms is joined by Samantha Pickens, a decorated diver and a member of the USA diving team. Samantha describes her intense daily practice routine, how she makes her mental health a priority, and what she learned from competing in Tokyo. She also shares her advice for balancing your mind and body as an athlete.

All is Not Lost: Ascend Athletics Helping Afghan Girls

Marina LeGree

On this episode of the Sports Up podcast, Meredith Syms is joined by Marina LeGree, the Founder and Executive Director of Ascend Athletics, to discuss how Ascend is empowering girls in Afghanistan through sports. Marina talks about why she chose Afghanistan to build her program, how Ascend is transforming the way Afghan girls see themselves, and how those girls have been impacted by the recent Taliban takeover.  

Inside the Life of a Professional Sportswriter

Charlotte Brackett

On this episode of the Sports Up Podcast, Meredith Syms chats with Charlotte Brackett, the Assistant Director of Varsity Athletics Communications at Dartmouth College, about how she launched her career in sports writing. Charlotte discusses her background in swimming, the gender gap in the sports industry, and how she avoids burnout while reporting on multiple teams at once. Stay tuned for more!

The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the Sports Industry

Anne Doepner

On this inspiring episode of the Sports Up Podcast, Meredith Syms sits down with the Director of Inclusion & Employee Investment for the Minnesota Vikings, Anne Doepner. Anne discusses how she came to work for the NFL, what diversity and inclusion means to her, and how she is championing other women and minorities in the sports industry. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Using Sports Psychology to Empower Student Athletes

Kelsey Parks Smith

On this exciting episode of the Sports Up Podcast, Meredith Syms talks with Kelsey Parks Smith, a former competitive equestrian and the current Coordinator of Programs for Student Athlete Development and Enhancement at Smith College. Kelsey discusses her background in sports psychology, the role that gender, race, and sexuality play in athletics, and how she is working to empower female and minority college athletes. Stay tuned!

What it Means to be a Woman in the Sports Communications Industry

Kristen Smith

In this episode of the Sports Up Podcast, Meredith Syms talks with Kristen Smith, the Assistant Director of Athletic Integrated Communications at The University of Memphis, about what it means to be a woman in the sports communications industry. Kristen discusses why she decided to pursue a career in sports communications, the challenges she faced along the way, and the women who inspired her journey. You don’t want to miss this exciting episode!