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Emily Atkins

Emily Atkins is a former hockey player and a current student at Harvard University. While attending Choate Rosemary Hall, Emily was a star player on both the Mid Fairfield Stars hockey team and the varsity team at Choate. After graduating, she decided to pursue hockey further at Grand Canyon University. However, after sustaining two traumatic head injuries, Emily shifted her life’s path and is now working toward a master’s degree in Biotechnology at Harvard University.

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Imagine this: you’re an all-star hockey player who has paved the way for women in your sport. You’ve received offers from multiple D1 and Ivy League colleges asking you to play for them. Then, your world crashes down on you.

That’s what happened to former hockey player Emily Atkins. Emily played on various varsity and all-star hockey teams throughout high school and college before sustaining two major head injuries that cut her sports career short. Although Emily stopped playing hockey, she found her true calling in academic medicine—and now her story and legacy live on for girls and women in sports everywhere.

On this inspiring episode of the Sports Up Podcast, host Meredith Syms sits down with former hockey player and current student at Harvard University, Emily Atkins. Emily shares her experience as a female in a male-dominated sport, her journey to playing for a D1 hockey team, and her career-ending injuries that altered the direction of her life. She also discusses her exciting future plans and goals. You don’t want to miss this! 

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This episode is brought to you by me, Meredith Syms.

My biggest personal and professional passion is to be one of the top female leaders in sports broadcasting—a typically male-dominated industry.

Communications, interviewing, and broadcasting are some of my biggest skills and interests, and I want to develop this podcast as a way of sharing my passions with you, the listener.

I am currently working toward my goal of interning for a professional sports team. If you know someone I should connect with, please send me an email at I am willing to work my butt off!

I am always looking for more great guests to feature on the Sports Up Podcast. If you or someone you know is an inspiring female leader, I would love to hear from you.

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